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Quick Sync

Looking for a very simple and small app to sync all your Google accounts? With QuickSync you can easily sync all your Google accounts with just a single click! The app looks for your accounts and syncs your Contacts, Calender data and your Gmail account! That's it, nothing more! There is no customization, no Widget and no GUI available. *** Notice *** Please read the FAQ below if you have further questions. Please report bugs to me instead of giving a bad rating. I will fix them as soon as possible! This application was tested and developed on Samsung Galaxy S (2.3.3) and ZTE Blade (2.2). *** FAQ *** Q: How do I see if synchronization is in progress? A: A sync icon in the status bar comes up. Q: Can QuickSync help saving battery power? A: Yes, if you disable the Android's native automatic synchronization in settings and use this app instead. Q: Can I customize which accounts and what data is being synchronized? A: No, all Google accounts will be synchronized. Q: Do I have to close the app? A: No, QuickSync exits after synchronization is complete.

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