QCat -Toddler Fireworks (free)


QCat -Toddler Fireworks (free)

How long have you never seen the fireworks show? Tired of crowded people when you went to the New Year's firework display? Hurry to download "QCat - Toddler Fireworks"! Do not wait until the holiday, party or July fourth, you can experience the sparkler charm all the time! Description of game: This is a funny and easy fireworks game. Just tap the screen with your finger, and you create many bright and colorful firecrackers. There are ten different backgrounds can be switched. Wherever dark night sky, sunset hills, gorgeous night scenes of city or a quiet moonlit beach, you can all enjoy the beautiful and romantic fireworks! Aesthetic background, combined with realistic style of fireworks and lively sound, anyone can not resist its charm! This App is designed to please the kids or cheer the children up. It have a obvious effect that attracting the attention of kids, especially when the small baby crying, but see the colorful light and hear vivid sound, they also forgot to cry! Additionally this game supports multi-touch function, for those little baby only can clutching the tablet, but can not use finger to touch the pad, the game can also be carried out smoothly. Because the system will automatically calculate the center position of multi-touch to show fireworks, so that small babies can also enjoy playing! How to play: 1. Open the game can be run directly. 2. Click the "Change Background" button(on right top corner) randomly change the background screen. Game Features: * Colorful beautiful animation and dynamic sound * Simple and intuitive user interface * Supports phone and tablet ============================================================================== Note: This is a free APP, which has ads in it. We have confirmed these ads are safe and legal, and do not read any personal privacy or tracking any information. If you do not want to see any ads, please don't install this APP. Do not give us poor evaluation because of the advertising. Thanks!! ============================================================================ ============================================================================== "Qcat APP" is a succession of applications that created for baby, toddler, preschool children and any kid. These interactive games have lot of educational value and fun. They are free(with ads) or just cost you US $0.99(no ads). You spend just little to help kids get some knowledge ( learning the animal, fruit, number, color, shape,...etc.). These are nice for all family, the best games during parent-child time. Welcome to download our APP, and give us some review. Of course, if you are interested in preschool education, please feedback your opinion. That can help us to provide more better APP. Send to us: codingcake@gmail.com ==============================================================================

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