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Puzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock is the result of scratching our own itch. Stock alarm clock apps were too easy on us in the mornings, and we needed an app that will make sure we get up in time. Now it's here. Do you create a lot of separate alarms and you don't know when the next one is going to go off That's okay. Now you'll always see the time of your next alarm in the same place. Can't get yourself together in the morning? Add Puzzles to solve before you'll be able to turn off an alarm. Choose from some of the basic ones and if it doesn't cut it, buy additional, harder minigames. Do you turn off the alarm and go back to sleep? Enable "Wake-up Poke" feature. 5 minutes after turning off the alarm you'll need to prove that you're up or else it will go off again. Alarm goes off and you set snooze endlessly? Add a snooze limit, use it up and lose the chance to snooze again. Woke up before the alarm and you want to skip it? You can turn off every alarm within an hour before it goes off. Use a button in the "Upcoming alarm" notification. There's more to it. Install and check it out yourself! Talk to us @PuzzleAlarmApp

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  • Highligths
    It's helpfull to me because I never wake up on time for school”
    The Best alarm clock App out there in the entire playstore”
    Usually i turn of the alarmclock and fall asleep again
    I am reliably getting up early enough to make it to work on time
    Ultimate wake up call
    I have the hardest time getting up in the morning
    This alarm is just what I need to start the day
    This app changed my life
    But unfortunately for me I almost always fall back to sleep
    You can choose between different puzzles
  • Keep in mind
    It stopped showing over the lock screen
    There was nothing in the notification bar either”
    Alarm sound is weak”
    Snooze function is broken”
    I had to force close the app through the task manager
    Worst ad placement
    It's waste of time”
    Barcode scanner doesn't work”
    But with all my power saving settings turned off”
    And you can't choose the difficulty of your math problems

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