Pubby: Anti Theft Alarm


Pubby: Anti Theft Alarm

Pubby protects your cell phone from the thieves when being charged. Everywhere. New permissions (SMS, CALL, CONTACTS) are needed to advance protection features. ---- Free version: * Alarm protection * Notifications Bonus features (in-app pay): ? Calling protection ? SMS protection ? Switch on/off features ? Battery Charge Level ? Full Battery Alert You definitely sometimes need to secure your smart phone from stealing or not to be rudely disconnected while charging. Pubby is looking after your smart phone while you are charging it and let you know when the phone is disconnected from the charger. Pubby is more than a piece of a software, it is an invaluable helper in one of many situations which can happen during coexistence with your smart phone. Here you can see couple of situations out of million. The rest will come to your mind later on for sure. Do you want to Pubby speaks in your language? Help him with translation: Situation: PUB You go out with your friends and you need to charge your phone. The socket is far away from the place where you are so you cannot see it. So it´s time to switch on your Pubby and set the alarm on calling your friend who is sitting next to you. If the phone is disconnected from the charger Pubby starts calling the number you have chosen and you immediately know what is going on with your phone. Situation: Hostel You are in a hostel ready for a peaceful sleep. You switch on your Pubby and you can be sure that if somebody´s thievish fingers disconnect the phone from the charger, Pubby will properly inform you. Situation: Control of mafia Some of your fellows disconnects your smart phone from the charger because he wants to play Angry Birds, which means that you are not able to control your mafia in the morning. Pubby will wake you up now and if this really happens, you can find out to whom give the offer which you cannot to refuse. keywords: battery, steal, thief, alarm charger, guard, kviff

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