Tide Table Brasil


Tide Table Brasil

## NOW AVAILABLE TIDE TABLES FOR 2016 ## Please note: For the new boards are available to those who already use, you must delete the sites and add them again. Consult the tide tables from officials Navy in Brazil, whenever you need it. Besides tides, see also the weather forecast for the next 5 days and moon phases. Now with maps, making it easier to find the best places (brasilians seaports). Whatever you will do on brasilian beach (swimming, diving, fishing, sailing, etc ...) always carry the Tide Table Brasil with you. Have the forecasts of your favorite places without depending on internet connection. Save the tide tables until December, 31 2013 for all places you want. Now you will know the weather forecast the next 5 days for all Brazilian ports, in addition to the information of maximum and minimum temperature, wind speed and direction and rainfall of the day. > Practical usability easy to understand and navigate. > Download of your favorite places to query the predictions without using the internet. > Maps for easy navigation and queries. > Indication of the best ports based on your geographic location. > Indication of moon phase with the predictions. > Available tide tables until 31 December 2013. > Automatic adjustment of forecasts to use the timezone and daylight time configured on your phone. > Possibility to save the app on the memory card > Weather forecast for the next 5 days, when found internet connection. The forecasts are based on the geographical locations of ports consulted. Do not waste time and download now. It's easy, fast and free. ### Credits### Tide tables: Marinha do Brasil Weather forecast: WorldWeatherOnline.com MapQuest: mapquest.com OpenStreetMap: openstreetmap.org

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