Poweramp Full Version Unlocker


Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Music moves people; it unites us, it allows us to relax, and sometimes, when done right, it can even motivate us to do great things. Poweramp does great things. The #1 paid music player in the Google Play Store 8 years running—Poweramp is the most powerful music player available on the Android OS. Features like gapless play, an unmatched equalization system, great crossfade, and support for most popular music file format might all make Poweramp the best $3.99 you have ever spent in your life—4+ million users would agree to that. If you have not already, try out the free full trial version. The trial version will give you 15 days of the full, uninterrupted, Poweramp experience. That means you get to experience your music like only Poweramp can offer. If you need a few reasons why to buy the full version of Poweramp, here are two good reasons: - Get all the future updates for free: Once you purchase Poweramp, all the future updates are free to you as long as you have the Unlocker. - Have a dedicated music player: Poweramp is dedicated to being the best music player available, and we will never change from that. Poweramp is focus on doing nothing more than being a great music player. ========== ***Please don't try to update if you purchased Unlocker on Poweramp site, as Google Play Unlocker is not the same. Just keep your current Unlocker as is. Poweramp F.A.Q. - http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1737-faq/ Full Version/Unlocker/Purchase Issues F.A.Q. - http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3851-full-versionunlockerpurchase-issues-faq/

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  • Highligths
    And thank you for including so many customization options
    Poweramp + skull candy hesh 2 + drum and bass is mind blowing
    And most of all "the best sounding music player there is"”
    It works well jus right perfect app for music lovers
    THE BEST SOUNDING PLAYER YET -PERIOD and I've had them all”
    Get the best music experience in your Android phone with Poweramp”
    Outstanding equilizer settings and sound clarity
    Fix what i suggested and you'll be the best mp3 player for Android
    For audiophiles and old school music listeners”
    Just really great music application
  • Keep in mind
    One needs constant internet connection for this app”
    Glitches + no tech support = uninstall”
    Program will Not restart again until I find a WiFi connection
    The app auto launches and starts playing ring tones
    Does not find the songs automatically”
    Issue when using bluetooth
    Can not import my play lists from stock music player”
    Deleted one track from my music library from within the app”
    Totally ignored by customer service
    The Poweramp "Download Album Art" auto download problem”

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