POD Courier & Distribution


POD Courier & Distribution

This Proof Of Delivery (POD) App for Courier & Distribution businesses provides an elegant solution making proof of delivery information highly accessible to end-customers as well as to staff within your own operation. The App works in conjunction with server side software, which is available for sale from Transfocus Solutions Pty Ltd, to provide: - Route guidance for truck drivers - Electronic collection of the receiver's name and signature at delivery point - A paperless system for delivery management - Truck drivers with a way of photographing damaged goods or closed receiving docks - Self-service web pages for customers/receivers which supplies them with delivery details and POD signatures - The option of releasing POD-providing staff to work on more important tasks This delivery solution can be configured by Transfocus as a standalone solution, or it can easily be integrated with a FoxPro or MS-SQL based Transport Management System. The server-side software runs in Windows Server. Further information on this highly efficient delivery solution can be found at: http://www.transfocus.com.au/products_transfocus.html#gallery-details-1

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