Personal Trainer Calculators


Personal Trainer Calculators

NCSF Personal Trainer Calculators are free to download but will need to be activated by providing a current, valid NCSF Member Number. For individuals who are not current Members, a one-year NCSF membership can be obtained from the organization by calling 800-772-NCSF or visiting NCSF Personal Trainer Calculators provide immediate information to optimize your training experience. Easily calculate the resistance for your client’s next set, determine the percentage of effort per exercise, or identify the nutritional needs of your client following an exercise bout based on caloric expenditure. The NCSF Personal Trainer Calculators provide essential information to maximize the time-effort relationship, create more effective programs, adjust intensities, and determine physiological metrics to demonstrate results. Put the science into your workouts without lengthy, long-hand calculations or textbooks. Evidence-based, peer reviewed data meets technology, allowing you to simply plug and program. The NCSF Personal Trainer Calculators will allow you to track physical performance, provide clients with instant feedback, and complete 11 different calculations in any fitness setting. The NCSF Personal Trainer Calculator includes: 1 Rep Max – accurately predicts 1RM safely and effectively for any exercise Multi-Repetition – accurately predicts the appropriate weight for a given number of repetitions based on 1RM Percentage of Max Effort – estimates how hard a set of resistance training will be relative to max effort; great for programming progressions Daily Energy Nutrient Intake – provides you with evidence-based nutrition recommendations for carbohydrate, protein, and fat in grams and calories per day based on physical activity level and cardiovascular risk Caloric Expenditure – quickly determines calories expended from physical activity based on human research Target Body Weight – accurately assesses weight loss adjustments based on current and goal body fat Resting Metabolic Rate (Harris-Benedict) – estimates the number of calories expended per day based on gender, age, height, and weight Resting Metabolic Rate (Lean Mass) – estimates the number of calories expended per day based on lean mass Body Fat – rapidly provides body fat percentage from 3 site assessments Body Mass Index (BMI) – identifies predicted risk for disease and compares with healthy values Target Heart Rate – quickly identifies ideal heart rate training zones for effective aerobic training Max HR Calculators – Determining Heart Rate Max is necessary to accurately identify an exerciser’s relative training zones for improved cardiorespiratory fitness or for competitive event preparation. VO2max - Volume of Oxygen – Easily calculate your VO2max using the Astrand treadmill protocol, 1.5 mile run test or one-mile walk test and compare your aerobic capacity to the population norms.

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