US Pattern Trader


US Pattern Trader

Want to make money off the US stocks? World best trading tool and method – Pattern Trader Become a candle chart master in no time with no pain. Pattern Trader – try it – it could make you richer! Throughout the history of stock, not a company rewards minority shareholders for over a century. Once you own a stock, you should watch out for an exit point to pocket your profit, more importantly to avoid major losses. If you are an active investor, you would constantly look out for good stocks and proper timing to engage. To become profitable, you would not look for a home run just once, nor could you expect to score on every strike. You accumulate your wealth by letting the winners ride and cut the losses short. How to achieve this? You need to follow discipline, develop a set of skills, device plans, and have the assistant from good tools. Pattern Trader is the first complete trading system specially designed for handheld devices. It helps investors catch timing, select stocks, set alerts, control risks, track performance, and review strategy. Specific candlestick patterns are used to find turning points or trend sustaining evidences for better timing to engage in buying or selling. You can design your own patterns with simple gestures, without having to write any code. Features in risk management and diary review are used to help you enforce your discipline. Unparalleled to any other stock quotes apps you have seen before, Pattern Trader is designed to help investors make profitable investment decisions at right moments. It will help you become long-term winner. Features of Pattern Trader? ? Choose Stocks Daily Targets? Provide targets that match particular patterns at the end of each trading day. You don’t need to screen thousands of stocks for new opportunities. Typical Patterns? Provide 24 daily, weekly, and monthly key candlestick patterns. Users can use the patterns with other price and volume concerns, and fundamental criteria, to select good investing targets all in a few taps. My Patterns? Find exactly what you are looking for by creating your own patterns. To make your own pattern, simply adjust the trend line and the size and shape of the candlesticks by tapping and swiping. You don’t need to learn to write complicate programming language to find stocks with key patterns and good fundamentals. Pattern Tracking? Track the effectiveness of a particular pattern for a period of time and find relationship between the pattern and some stocks. Watch-lists? Closely analyze the stocks that you are interested in to help you stay ahead of others. ? Find Buy/Sell Point Action Plan? Build a winning plan and create alerts to ensure timely execution. Alerts can be triggered based on planned buying and selling prices, selected patterns, and planned stop-loss and profit-taking points. You don’t need to constantly watching your stocks; the tool will do it for you. You can place your stop order or GTC in your device, without letting others know it. Your plan is personal and private. ? Profit Analysis Positions? Provide a dynamic stop loss (profit) adjusting mechanism. It helps you calculate the risks of individual stocks that you held so you know the change of your assets. Diary? Keep the trading records of the stocks that you already sold or covered. You can write down your buying and selling reasons on the candlestick chart. You can review your performance and manage your action plan more effectively. Pattern Trader systemizes the trading reasoning and practice. It polishes your skills and strengthens your mental power by letting you visualize your own plan and movement. Please try it now! FoneStock wishes you success in stock investment!

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