Parental control and family locator Locategy


Parental control and family locator Locategy

Locategy is a GPS locator and Parental Control app that allows parents to understand and monitor their kids’ mobile life in a remote and immediate way. Locategy brings together all the features of a family locator and gathers all the benefits of the leading mobile parental control application with the aim of providing a complete and intuitive service. It’s easy: install Locategy at the parent’s device and create an account, and then install the app at the Kids’ devices, and login using the same user and password. With Locategy you can: • Locate your family in real time using state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology, for FREE. • Apps usage report and incoming and outgoing calls, including time spent on individual apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, games, etc. • Parental control of apps: limit the usage time of individual apps remotely to help focus your kid’s attention at school or during family meals. • Geo-fencing: receive automatic alarms when your kid reaches or leaves a pre-defined location (school, home, sport activities, etc.) • Location history of your kids: view the current and historical locations where your kid has been over the last few days. • Web parental control: block URL automatically using categories • You can track by GPS and locate lost or you stolen smatphone for FREE. • Remote wipe: in case of lost or theft you can remote wipe your kid’s entire phone to protect your kid’s data and Identity. • Panic button: instantly alert parents and provide current location. • It can be used not only for kids, but also for elderly people that need supervision and location control. Remote parental control features Locategy provides remote parental control and app lock features: you only need to install the app on the devices you want to supervise. The parent device will have access to the list of installed apps at the supervised device, and can block them individually for a defined time range during specified weekdays. Remote call report You will access to the detailed call record of your kid’s phone, including incoming and outgoing calls. Incoming versions will include call blocker features, allowing parents to create blacklist of defined phone numbers. Best GPS tracking app Locategy is one of the the best GPS tracking apps available in market. It provides location data in real time, and allows to review the track history over past days. Locategy GPS tracking app uses GPS coordinates and state-of-the-art GPS location data to report the real-time whereabouts of your beloved ones and family. It surpasses the features provided by other GPS apps with family locator services by adding remote control of apps, usage statistics and calls record, among others. Locategy family locator is Fully mobile with a native experience: Notifications, family location and statistics are accessible from the parent’s mobile phone. There is no need to change the interface to access a website. Locategy family locator provide Analytics: you can access to usage statistics that helps to understand kids’ activity with his phone: incoming and outgoing calls, time usage of social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Locategy family locator is designed to support multiple devices per kid and multiple parents. Once registered, each surveilled device appears as a unique on the GPS tracking map. You’ll know where each of your kids is at any time, in real time. Locategy Family Locator provides Real Time Location using GPS. GPS Locategy Family tracker warns you when family members arrive or leave. To track any of your beloved ones all you need to do it to install Locategy family tracker on their devices. This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Locategy requires the security policy "Erase all data" of Device Administration permission in order to let you remotely delete the information stored in the device in case of loss or theft.

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