PandaPow VPN (Android 2.3)


PandaPow VPN (Android 2.3)

IMPORTANT: On newer Android devices (version 4.0 and later) do NOT use this app, use the other PandaPow app instead (search for PandaPow and you will find it). This app is only relevant for Android 3.0 and earlier (old devices). If you know you need a VPN service that is secure, stable and easy to use then you just found it. If you're not sure why you would need it, just keep reading. PandaPow lets you surf the unblocked US and UK versions of the Internet no matter where you are. This comes in handy in places where Internet otherwise is censored, or if you're abroad and want to use a site that only works for users that are in the US or in the UK. Furthermore, with PandaPow you surf the web securely and anonymously, since it hides your smartphone or computer's real IP address and it can encrypt your internet data. IMPORTANT: You will need a subscription to use this service. Price options available are: - 1 year -- $84 - 3 months -- $24 - 1 month -- $9 A subscription also includes PandaPow for PC, Mac, and iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod). And includes support for all the popular VPN types: OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. We can't offer a free trial at the moment, but we offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If you need less than a months worth of service, you can pause it. When you need it next time, resume it again at no extra cost. Support: if you try and it doesn't connect, please tap the in-app Help button, to send us relevant device info. It only takes 2 seconds to do, and we respond to every message. Examples of apps/sites that works with PandaPow even if you're outside the US/UK: + Pandora Internet Radio (US) + Hulu (US) + BBC IPlayer (UK) + Netflix (US) + CBS (US) + many many more Examples of websites that can be unblocked by using PandaPow: + Facebook + Youtube + Twitter + DropBox + any site that works in the US When you use PandaPow you access Internet via our secure data-centers. Choose non-encrypted connection for fastest speed, or encrypted for best security. PandaPow provides access to servers in the US, UK and Amsterdam. So wherever you are, you can access a safe and unblocked Internet. Planning a trip abroad? Remember to pack PandaPow before you go. Don't get stranded with a censored Internet. Wherever you go, with PandaPow you can always be (back) in the US in a matter of seconds. For subscriptions or more info, visit our website: NOTE: If you wonder why this apps wants to read the system log, it's to diagnose connection problems. Only data pertinent to the connection problem is extracted and it is only transmitted off the device (to our support team) via email if the user chooses to (tap Help>Send). NOTE2: On Android only 1 VPN connection can be up at a time. If you try connecting PandaPow it will cause any other VPN to be disconnected.

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