Organizer Plan


Organizer Plan

Your Organizer: "Plan" on Android, Windows, Linux and Mac with - Notes - Tasks - Calendar - Adresses - Accounting - Driving log - Fuel log - Timing - File manager with Samba - Editor Your own layout: editable categories and views show what you need. Overview: Lists or a zoomable graphical display. Variable: Any number of visible days and arbitrary first visible day. Work log: is possible with timing and with accounting. Data privacy: Your private data stays with you and is not shared. Synchronization: Identical data on several devices. Backup: On your device, on any storage device or on the local network. Archive and send: Write, read or transmit single entries or whole views. Import and Export: Text files, vCard (.vcf) and iCalendar (.ics) files. Your language: Any language on request - please help translating.

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