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Welcome to the all new New Zealand Herald Android app. We’ve completely redesigned our app to ensure we deliver the latest and most relevant news in the best way possible. Access the very best in news, sports and entertainment from our award winning journalists, plus you can now also access our specialist content from Viva, Driven and Bite - all at your fingertips, wherever you are. Features include: - Opt in for Breaking News and/or Rugby alerts - Now you can view our NZME Regional news titles and Herald sub sections i.e. Driven, Viva and Bite. - View all your favourite sections of the Herald – National, World, Business, Sport, Technology, Photos, Video, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Opinion - Search functionality helps you find the topics and stories you want - Customisable menu lets you reorder sections to suit your needs - View the latest photo galleries and video in full screen - Read comments on articles and post your own thoughts - Share stories via your social networks - Save and view stories, photos and videos later in your own personal reading list We are always working to improve your experience and appreciate your feedback. Please send your thoughts, suggestions, questions or bugs via our feedback form at

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What you should know about NZ Herald News app

  • Highligths
    Awesome app keeps u up to date on news and weather”
    I just love keeping up with the news
    Also known as night time mode”
    Best news ap
    My preferred NZ news reader
    It works well given small screen real estate
    Best news site I've used”
    For news lovers
  • Keep in mind
    Doesn't load news stories once clicked into them”
    Remove the GPS tracking please - that is really shocking NZ Herald”
    No point having news app if you can't read the news
    This App was okay until it started showing white pages
    90% of the time you can't even load the news article
    Featured articles all cheap rubbish”
    Cluttered and lack of video playback
    Very poor coming from major nz news provider :”
    Video Ads vs Video content
    Can't watch videos via app”

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