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Nourish Genie

Download the Nourish App and carry the Nourish Genie with you wherever you go. This sophisticated little helper will be one of the best tools you could ever have by your side to achieve your weight loss and health goals. The App will: Enable you to view your meal plan for the month to ensure customised tracking. Be the food diary you carry in your pocket so that you can track your food intake for the day as often as you like. Fill your food diary without internet connection. Alert you to how much of your food quota you have left in the day. Track how much water you need to drink for the day. Track your activity with the number of minutes exercised. Upload your blood reports and view our healthy eating out guide. Update your current weight. View the messages sent from Nourish Genie View the Vitamins Prescribed. View the Open House Live Video on the app. Request to view our amazing informational videos Manually Sync all the food diary logs.

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