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Ninesky is the most suitable browser for Android mobile. It is smarter and faster than other browsers. Ninesky pays more attention to your Internet security and protection of personally private data. Speed Dial and Smart Address Bar can help you more conveniently and fast type the URL on the mobile. You can use Cloud Bookmarks functions share your bookmarks in different mobile devices. You do not need worry about losing the bookmarks when you lose your mobile or change it. That is because as long as you sync the Cloud Bookmarks to your new mobile, you will get it. There are three wonderful search engines in Ninesky browser. You can select your favourite search engine in Google, Bing and Yahoo. It can support all the HTML5 and WWW web pages. You can use it play FLASH on the online video websites. More improvements are about content sharing, easy using and user experience mode. We hope you will love Ninesky browser and help us improve it. Let us create a wonderful mobile browser together. Features: Secure and private protection - Powerful secure protection including detecting security of sites. There will be warnings when dangerous websites are attacking. We will protect you personally private data. Supports three search engines - There are three wonderful search engines in Ninesky browser: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Cloud bookmarks - You can have your own Cloud bookmarks in Ninesky browser and you can sync your local bookmarks to your Cloud bookmarks. Doing that can more safely protect your data. Speed dial - There are eight speed dials on the homepage. Ninesky browser presets two popular websites for you: Facebook and YouTube. Intelligent typing - You just need type a few letters or key words of the website that intelligent address bar will automatically match the popular websites, your bookmarks or browsing history for you. Download and file manager - You can conveniently use the Ninesky browser download images and files. Download icon will be displayed in the system message bar. Browsing tabs - Browsing tabs makes browsing the mobile web as easy as using desktop. Do not need leave your webpage that you can open others website. Multi-Touch-Zoom - Ninesky browser provides an amazing browsing experience with Multi-Touch Zoom. On the screen, using two fingers can easily make the text bigger or smaller. Meanwhile, double-click the screen can zoom the page. A variety of “Internet Modes” - There are three “Internet Modes” can be chosen: Saved traffic mode, No trace mode and Web optimization. Shortcuts in web page - You keep pressing the links, words or images in the page when you are browsing, there will be showing some shortcuts: open in new window, save bookmark, share content, save picture, set wallpaper and so on. Memory release - Install applications or file to your SD card. Your mobile memory will be saved and will run faster. View switch - View switch function is so sweet. You can freely switch your view between computer and mobile. you can switch the view in Android, iPhone Safari, iPad Safari, Desktop Chrome and Desktop Firefox. If you have any suggestions, please tell me. (

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  • Highligths
    Best web browser on the droid market”
    Super fast browser especially when connected to wifi”
    One of the best android web browser I've ever used”
    No bugs and has enough features to be really user friendly
    Great internet browser and plays flash videos too”
    Able to play audios”
    Full on browsing experience Good flash support”
    Good stock replacement
    Ninesky browser provides an amazing browsing experience with multi touch zoom”
  • Keep in mind
    But User Agent setting is useless”
    Let me put you in the home screen by myself”
    Also cannot highlight and copy text on web pages”
    No flash player on webpages like it says in description”
    So rubbish back onto dolphin browser
    Can't play online songs on my HTC Wildfire”
    It automatically opens the video player
    Worst video streaming
    Would be great if zoom controls didn't show up every time you scroll”
    Force closes when I change to landscape view

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