Night Owl-Bluelight Cut Filter


Night Owl-Bluelight Cut Filter

? ? ? The guardian of your night sight. ? Relax your eyes with a sight protection bluelight filter. ? Brighten your night with a flashlight. ? Enjoy your night with light effects. ? Make your night safer with a protection light. ? Enjoy the popular games at night. ? Sight Protection Filter - No need for an expensive anti blue light glasses or films. - Use bluelight screen filter for eye care. - Good for those who are prone to eye strain. - Good for insomnia prevention. - The brown filter allows you to read small prints of a newspaper clearly. - No need to darken the screen for comfortable viewing with the filter. - Effective against someone peeking. - Good app operation and less battery demanding. ? Flashlight - The most bright and strongest light - Fastest operation with one touch Notification bar icon. - Transparent Light, Screen Light support. ? Light Effects - Supports 12 different light effects. - Fun Light Effects: Psychedelic Light, Jack-O-Lantern, Hypnotizer, Candle, and Incandescent Light - Lovely Light Effects: I love you, Cake, and Mood Light - Useful Light Effects: LED Display, Police Light, Warning Light, and Protection Light ? Protection Light - Protect yourself from emergency situation at night with light and noise ? Popular games at night - We recommend selected popular games at night. - The most loved game ranking by Night Owl users is also provided. ? Automatic Filter Function - Automatic filter is activated at night to protect the eyesight. - No more getting dazzled by the phone screen in the morning. ? Notification Bar Icon - Notification Bar Icon allows the quickest operation.

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