NewTek NDI


NewTek NDI

Turn your phone or tablet into a live video production camera. NewTek’s NDI™ (Network Device Interface) is a low latency IP video protocol developed especially for professional live video production, and is supported by an extensive list of broadcast systems from many manufacturers. NewTek NDI Camera™ turns your Android phone or tablet into high-quality wireless a/v sources for NDI-enabled broadcast systems on the same network. Your device’s output is automatically recognized by NDI-enabled video systems, ready to be mixed into live shows. Basic Features Easy to use Android phone and tablet compatibility Front/rear camera selection Auto Focus, AF Lock, or tap to focus Auto Exposure, AE Lock Manual exposure compensation Light on/off Audio mute Optional grid overlay Advanced Features HI Bandwidth mode (720p) or standard (SD) mode Simple pinch zooming Automatic NDI device recognition Connection notification and tally (on air/preview) displays

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