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  • Highligths
    Wonderful way to keep up to date with the news during the day”
    Recommend it to anyone who wants to stay informed
    And cool app to stay in touch with what goes on in SA”
    Good App which covers African and World News very well”
    Wow my money of buying news paper am saving it now”
    This is a great news application keep up the good work”
    Constantly Updated News on the go in real time
    Thank you for a stable and very user friendly app”
    Great news coverage and good quality as well”
    Good news content and up to date”
  • Keep in mind
    Getting ridiculous amount of push notifications about the same story”
    Uninstalled and went back to lite version
    It just hangs when you try to open a news article
    Go back to android and now cant read the news
    App now a waste of time
    New pop up ads added whenever you read a story are ridiculous”
    Truly miserable spelling mistakes and grammar use in News24's articles”
    Live updates not working”
    Search function for specific articles very poor to no response time”
    Why can't you guys sort out the issues on this app”

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