News Republic - Breaking and trending news


News Republic - Breaking and trending news

News Republic - a news app powered by artificial intelligence, delivers daily breaking news, world & local news, viral headlines, trending videos and articles directly to you! Receive international and local news for free! News Republic provides the latest news and complete articles from 2,500 authorized local and international sources. Easy to customize to give you access to the articles of the most famous sources such as ......Tier 1 main sources........ and many other specialized websites. Check out the latest news on local and international politics, sport, gossip, technology and many more in one app. News Republic has been included in the Editor's Choice section on Google Play as one of the news apps most appreciated by users. Let News Republic become your main source of information! Receive updates on local and international politics, sport, gossip, technology and entertainment news. Do you want more? News Republic offers you more than 1 million topics to customize in an intuitive interface. Thousands of articles on Sport, Politics, Entertainment, Gossip, Technology, Health, Business and much more. • Quick to set up and access: we bring you complete articles with full text, photos and video all inside the app from trusted local and world news sources. • Smart: News Republic learns as you read, our artificial intelligence technology personalizes your news experience automatically and suggests the topics that matters to you. • Trending News: Keep yourself updated with the most popular trending articles and topics of the moment in the main channel and latest breaking news notifications • Sports fans rejoice: Keep up with the latest news on the Champions league, Formula 1, NBA, MLB, NHL, MotoGP news, opinions and more. • Video News: Lightning fast video newsfeeds optimized and in-app including the latest breaking International, National, Sport, Tech, Entertainment and World News. • Social: Share your favorite content with your friends! Create your personal profile for free and use it on multiple devices to share your interests on all platforms. Leave your feedback, your opinion matters a lot to us! Download the best news app for free and make News Republic your number one source of information!

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What you should know about News Republic - Breaking and trending news app

  • Highligths
    It's a very good application for news lovers
    Great news resource and a beautiful viewing experience”
    Simple fast news in a easy to read format”
    Very good app easy to use and keep up with the news
    My only source for true world news in real time
    Wide variety of news sources covers all aspects of events”
    Nice collection of news articles and ability to customize what I want”
    I'm too busy to watch TV
    Amazingly thorough and wide ranging news coverage
    Makes news reading much more enjoyable and intuitive”
  • Keep in mind
    Unwanted notifications and suddenly appeared on lock screen without asking”
    I tried to read an article and the app wouldn't let me”
    " then copy the link to open in a web browser
    So I don't want Connecticut news or American football news
    Always filling my notification bar with click bait type nonsense”
    I hated the constant prompts to allow push notifications
    I disable sports but I keep seeing sports news
    If I wanted US biased news I would have moved there”
    As a South African the selection of articles is poor”
    I don't want updates on trivial pop culture bs”

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