Never Miss Fajr


Never Miss Fajr

The problem it tries to solve is this: you have every intention of waking up for fajr, but you turn off your alarm mistakenly while half asleep. Next thing you know, the sun is out... Sound familiar? The idea behind the app is simple: to wake you up for Fajr by being as annoying as possible! It's just like a regular adhan alarm clock with one big exception: It annoys you until you actually wake up by asking you to do something before the adhan shuts off! Until you do what it asks, the adhan will keep on playing in a loop AND your phone will vibrate incessantly! There are two "triggers" to choose from to wake yourself up. 1. Trivia: if you choose this option you will have to answer 5 islam-related questions correctly before the adhan shuts off. 2. Shake to wake: if you choose this option you will have to shake your phone 20 times before the adhan shuts off. InshaAllah by the end of either of these two activities you will be awake enough to get out of bed to pray!

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