The NephroCalc™ App includes most formulas and equations used in the daily assessments of patients with kidney disease. It incorporates more than 100 equations and innovative MultiCalx™ Master panels for combined calculations, assuring convenience and accuracy. NephroCalc™ facilitates the organization and processing of Patient's data. It is a physician-friendly™ app, intuitive and very easy to use. Unique reference, productivity and decision support tool. Proven and reliable data processing, for physicians, residents, med students, PAs and NPs... Developed by Board-certified physicians. **See also MediCalc® 8, Medical Calculator System™, >300 equations. -------------------------------------------- NephroCalc™ CONTENTS: Renal Calc™ Master Diabetic Ketoacidosis Master Renal Failure Diff. Diagnosis Master Anion Gap Master Osmolality Master GFR Master Glomerular Filtration Rate (Cockcroft) Creatinine, calculated (Cockcroft) (reverse) Glomerular Filtration Rate (MDRD-4, MDRD-6, CKD-EPI) Chronic Kidney Disease Classification Anion Gap (Serum) Fractional Excretion of Na+ Fractional Excretion of Urea TransTubular Potassium Gradient Body Mass Index Overweight & Obesity Classification Renal Failure (Diagnostic Indices) Target Creatinine for GFR Creatinine Clearance Anion Gap (Serum) Delta Delta Anion Gap (Urinary) Bicarbonate Deficit Chloride Deficit Henderson - Hasselbalch Equation Acid base Equation Metabolic Acidosis "Winter's formula" Metabolic Alkalosis Respiratory Acidosis, acute & chronic Respiratory Alkalosis, acute & chronic Required Sodium Sodium Correction by serum glucose Potassium / pH Correction Body Water Master Osmolar Gap Osmolality, calculated Blood Alcohol Level Fractional Excretions (K+, Mg, HCO3, PO4) Renal Failure Index Basal Energy Expenditure Conversion and many more... -------------------------------------------- The NephroCalc™ FEATURES: (the best and proven clinical data processing) * arithmetical processing * automatic unit conversion * multiple-unit entries * color-coded normal-abnormal outputs * normal values (ranges & limits) * automatic range-checks (limits) * intuitive user interface * easy navigation and info access * Search bar with filters * smart decimal rounding * Système International notation * tables of parameters * mobile & online * expanded equation views * fully referenced * highly organized and standardized -------------------------------------------- NephroCalc™ is part of ScyMed® MediCalc®, the first and most comprehensive Medical Calculator System™ in the world, online for more than 15 years... NephroCalc™ is also available in spanish as NefroCalc™. Other Medical Apps developed by ScyMed include MediCalc®, LiverCalc™, EKG-card™, H&P-card™, eH&P™, etc. (mobile & online).

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