Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep


Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Want to relax for 10 minutes during the day at home or in office? Want to improve brain work? Or may be want to dream about beautiful nature landscapes? Increase concentration? Then choose from a list of 6 different good quality nature relaxing sounds (sounds of nature) which include thunder, ocean sounds, sea, birds sounds, rain, night in jungle, water sounds, waterfall, nature and start your personal audio therapy. "Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep for Android is an amazing health app, allowing you to cure insomnia and increase your quality of sleep." - F.A.Q. : Q: How could I set sound as alarm in my phone? A: When you choose "Set as Alarm" option it is simply copy sound to alarm directory of your phone (it doesn't create new alarm). Then you need to go to alarm menu in you smartphone and set up NEW ALARM with our sound of nature. + only natural music, no musical instruments, white noise + relax and sleep sounds and ringtones! + high-quality sounds of bird songs in rain forest + sound of sea waves natural, roar of the surf, marine voice + sound of natural rainfall, waterfall, night jungles + natural sound of water currents + relaxation loud ringtones + nature music + healing sounds + soothing music - sleep sounds + absolutely relaxing + nature Sound Relax and Sleep + white noise for baby sleep + therapy music (music therapy, sound therapy, melody therapy) + best good quality water sounds, sea sounds, wave sounds, rain sounds - sounds of nature + you will relax and sleep like baby + children fall asleep immediately + lullaby of nature + soothing sleep sounds + deep relaxation + white noise generator + Aura for android + animal sounds + sounds of sunday Features: - install "Nature Sounds Relax & Sleep" to SD card - different nature sounds (include water sounds, rain sounds, jungle, sounds of the sea) - count Down Timer for music relaxation therapy - beautiful wallpaper for each sound of nature - meditation music run in background - help to get rid of tinnitus - relaxation for human brains - only good quality nature sleep sounds - relax melody samples - best relaxing sounds of nature Free App - super natural water sounds (no music) - nature noise maker (sounds effects ringtones) - sounds of the season - sounds of the city - sounds of the game - ambient sounds People use nature sounds relaxation techniques for the following reasons, among others: Anger management (roar of the surf, sea, water flow, waves on a beach sounds, ocean, rain sounds) Cardiac health (rain forest sounds, birds singing) Depression therapy(birds sounds, yoga music,white noise app) Bedtime songs and bedtime sounds General well-being (waves on a beach, jungle sounds) Headache therapy (birds singing, ocean waves sounds) High blood pressure (roar of the surf, waterfall sounds, white noise) Immune system support (sounds of brook, creek, stream let, river, white noise) Insomnia therapy(all water sounds, rain sounds, sleep sounds, sounds of blackness) Pain management (all birds songs, all water sounds) Stress management (sounds of storm, lightning, thunder, rain sounds, white noise lite) A relaxation technique (relaxation training) is any method (include audio therapy, sleep sounds and nature sounds), process, procedure, or activity that helps a person to relax; to attain a state of increased calmness; or otherwise reduce levels of anxiety, stress or anger.Yoga music, massage, audio therapy, nature sounds, relax melodies, bird songs and other techniques that include deep breathing tend to calm people who are overwhelmed by stress, while rhythmic exercise improves the mental and physical health of those who are depressed. People who encounter both symptoms, feeling depressed in some ways and overexcited in others, may do best by walking, listening natural sounds of rain, thunderstorms, birds or performing yoga techniques that are focused on strength.

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    The ocean waves put us and our newborn right to sleep”
    It make me sleep faster when I didnt sleep that fast”
    I like lisening to the Ocean when i'm going to bed
    So this app really helps me fall asleep to something soothing”
    Love the timer and expanded choices of sounds”
    Best night sleep I have had in months”
    This app is great for soothing sounds to fall asleep to”
    Great sleep app for those of us with unconventional sleep habits”
    The timer function is awesome when used for meditation”
    My doc recommended a white noise machine
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