myShiftWork: Shift Planner, Calendar, Scheduler


myShiftWork: Shift Planner, Calendar, Scheduler

myShiftWork is the fastest and easiest way to enter and view your work shifts on your phone. Traditional calendar apps aren’t ideal for shift workers. You don’t necessarily work a traditional Monday to Friday 9-5 job. That makes it hard to keep track of when you’re working, especially with early morning and overnight schedules. myShiftWork solves this problem with a simple solution. Create your own custom shifts using our attractive icons and color picker, then add them to your calendar with just one tap. You can add unlimited shifts per day, or set up a shift rotation and apply it to your shift calendar all at once. This makes it easy to enter an entire month – or even years’ worth of shifts in less than a minute! See any of your upcoming shifts right from the lock screen. After you’ve entered your shifts, you can view them in our beautiful month view calendar, or in a handy list format. You can overlay your personal calendar on top, so you’ll know when you have things going on outside of work. With just a tap you can share your schedule with friends, family, and co-workers – whether they’re using myShiftWork or not. Built exclusively for the latest Android devices, myShiftWork is the modern way to keep track of your work schedule. ******************************************************** CREATE SHIFTS Add as many shifts as you’d like, and choose your own icon and header for each shift type. ADD TO CALENDAR WITH ONE TAP Select one of your shifts, then tap each day on the calendar you’d like to add it to. Unlimited shifts per day. SHARE YOUR SCHEDULE Send friends, family, and co-workers your work schedule whether they’re using myShiftWork or not. VIEW UPCOMING SHIFTS RIGHT IN THE WIDGET See your schedule without even opening up the app, right from the lock screen, or from inside any other app. SET UP CUSTOM SHIFT ROTATIONS Set up shift rotations and myShiftWork will automatically apply your shifts over any date range you choose – great for repeating schedules (e.g. a 3-week schedule that repeats for 4 months). ******************************************************** ADDITIONAL FEATURES • View your personal google calendar overlaid on your work schedule • Add personalized notes to any of your shifts • Enter your hourly rate and we’ll show you an estimate of your monthly earnings • Add unlimited shifts per day (Pro. Version Only) • Reminders for shifts • Indicate vacation days with the holiday icon, or sick days with the medical icon • See your schedule on the Calendar or List view • Swipe between months, or pick any month (just tap the date at the top) ******************************************************** GREAT FOR: • Nurses • Emergency workers • Doctors • Security guards • Cleaners • Retail employees • Laborers • Servers, bartenders, kitchen staff • Grocers • Police and Firefighters • Military • Surgeons • News and media reporters • Paramedics • Students and part-time workers • Taxi or Uber drivers • Shipping and warehouse staff • Pest control workers • Locksmiths • Hydro workers • Protective service • Food preparations • Truckers and tow-truck drivers • Construction workers • Bus drivers and other transportation workers • Anyone else who has trouble keeping track of their schedule! ******************************************************** With myShiftWork, you’ll be able to glance at your calendar and immediately know when you’re working – and when you’re not. Please email your questions and concerns by using Contact Developer in the app. Please leave your rating! Thank you Email:

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    It's a great app for shift workers and it is easy to use”
    I use this app everyday to keep track of my fluctuating schedule”
    Best shift scheduling app that I've tried”
    Essentially using two apps to organize my life
    Unbelievably easy to create your own and user friendly
    Great app for First Responders
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    No Google Sync = Not worth it”
    The feature to sync with your Google calendar doesn't work”

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