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myQuitTime - Stop Smoking

Stop smoking and reward yourself with the money saved! Create a shopping list, add photos and prices, and let the app tell you when you can afford a treat from your saved smoking money. See your health benefits increasing daily. Press the big HELP button for inspiration to keep you going. We believe in you, now you just have to believe in yourself! 5 STAR REVIEW “This would make a great gift for family. Mum and Dad would love it. Although, it's pretty scary how fast the 'life saved' count goes up :/ But at least it shows the harsh reality and consequences of smoking. Nice icon too, really gets the message across. :)” Thank you Ryan Espana myQuitTime is an Android app designed to help keep non-smokers on the path to success through inspiration and targeted incentives. If you've already stopped smoking, fantastic! Well done. You can use myQuitTime to provide the inspiration and incentive to keep you a successful non-smoker. If you haven't stopped smoking yet, you are about to enter a new world where everything is better, brighter, and much more wonderful. myQuitTime can not only help you stop smoking, but it can make the process easy and enjoyable. myQuitTime displays the following information about your Quit Statistics: - Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds since you stopped smoking. - How much money you have saved since you stopped smoking. - How many cigarettes you haven't smoked since you stopped smoking. - How much of your life you have potentially saved since you stopped smoking. - Your current Health Improvements Status. myQuitTime has a big red HELP button for those occasional moments of weakness. Just click the button and the app will display an Inspirational Message to help you through. myQuitTime has a shopping list for you to choose some rewards that you would like to spend your money on instead of wasting it on cigarettes. The app will tell you how long it will take you to save for each item, and how long you have to wait until you can treat yourself.

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    Stop smoking and reward yourself with the money saved”
    I have used many of the free quit smoking apps”
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