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MyPhoneExplorer Client

MyPhoneExplorer is a powerful phone management software for your desktop PC. Some features: - sync your contacts with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Lotus Notes, Tobit David, Windows Contacts,.. - sync your calendar with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Lotus Notes, Tobit David, Windows Calendar,... - sync your notes with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Windows StickyNotes - manage your SMS: download to PC, backup, delete, send SMS from desktop - view the call list of the phone, archive calls, delete them, backup call lists - sync file directories, copy files between desktop and phone, sync your photos - create and restore backups (includes contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, sms and files) - manage installed apps, launch, install, uninstall or download them to your desktop - control your phone through your desktop with mouse and keyboard, create screenshots - use the pc keyboard as input method for your phone - handle calls from your desktop, dial numbers, accept, reject and end calls - and much more... Connection via WiFi, USB-Cable or Bluetooth. No data will be handled throught external servers, the whole communication is local. This is the client which is needed for phone, you'll need also the desktop-software which can be downloaded at

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  • Highligths
    WIFI sync is incredibly fast & accurate with this app”
    It also enables you to send SMS from your PC”
    The desktop version of this app syncs perfectly with Outlook”
    Makes transferring files to your phone via Wi-Fi really easy”
    Great file managing software”
    For 90% of small business users this is crucial”
    File explorer is also handy for upload and download”
    File browser are just the way they should be”
    I really love Specially sending text from PC”
    Moving files is so easy- drag and drop”
  • Keep in mind
    Installed on my pc but the pc version has a virus”
    DON'T install the desktop program
    The sync function does not work properly”

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