MyHizentra™ Infusion Manager


MyHizentra™ Infusion Manager

Please see the MyHizentra™ Infusion Manager app information below. WARNING: THROMBOSIS (BLOOD CLOTTING) CAN OCCUR WITH IMMUNE GLOBULIN PRODUCTS, INCLUDING HIZENTRA®, IMMUNE GLOBULIN SUBCUTANEOUS (HUMAN). RISK FACTORS CAN INCLUDE: ADVANCED AGE, PROLONGED IMMOBILIZATION, A HISTORY OF BLOOD CLOTTING OR HYPERVISCOSITY (BLOOD THICKNESS), USE OF ESTROGENS, INSTALLED VASCULAR CATHETERS, AND CARDIOVASCULAR RISK FACTORS. IF YOU ARE AT HIGH RISK OF THROMBOSIS, YOUR DOCTOR WILL PRESCRIBE HIZENTRA AT THE MINIMUM DOSE AND INFUSION RATE PRACTICABLE AND WILL MONITOR YOU FOR SIGNS OF THROMBOSIS AND HYPERVISCOSITY. ALWAYS DRINK SUFFICIENT FLUIDS BEFORE ADMINISTRATION. ------------------------------------ Use the free MyHizentra™ Infusion Manager app to help conveniently manage your SCIg therapy and stay on track! FEATURES: • Schedule infusion reminders as cloud-synced calendar events • Set up multiple user profiles • Scan or manually enter vial QR codes for each infusion • Record infusion details during and after infusions • Search past infusions by date or lot numbers • Share infusion history with your prescriber PERSONALIZE SETTINGS Like Hizentra itself, the Infusion Manager is flexible and designed to fit your lifestyle. You can use the app to manage your own infusions, and/or those of someone for whom you are a caregiver. Start by setting up a personal account for each Hizentra patient in the User Settings panel. Under the direction of your prescriber, you can also customize your infusion schedule and when you would like to be reminded. CREATE REAL CALENDAR EVENTS TO REMIND YOU WHEN IT’S TIME TO INFUSE Other therapy-reminder apps are limited to generating “push notifications,” which are easy to dismiss and disregard. MyHizentra integrates with your device’s everyday calendar system, maintaining a single custom event in advance of your next infusion. Just like any other appointment, you can receive reminders on all synced devices, desktop, and laptop computers. They will appear in your system calendar alongside of your other events. RECORD INFUSIONS The app makes it easy for you to record infusions. Just scan or manually enter the QR code for each vial, then record details such as the date, time, infusion sites, how you are feeling, any medications you are taking, and other general notes about your infusion. You can even return and make follow-up notes for every infusion using your digital journal. TRACK THERAPY HISTORY IN YOUR JOURNAL With MyHizentra, every infusion you log becomes a digital record of your therapy history, which you can review and edit at any time. You can filter therapy records by date, and even search for specific infusions by date or lot number. The export option makes it convenient to discuss your infusion experiences with your prescriber. Any information you provide is native to the app and will not be seen by CSL Behring or others working for CSL Behring without your full discretion. Download the MyHizentra Infusion Manager today! Please see full Prescribing Information and Important Safety Information, including boxed warning at

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