My Weight Tracker, BMI


My Weight Tracker, BMI

Monitor your weight using an efficient interactive chart ! " My weight tracker " will help you to achieve your ideal weight. You will easily see the weight loss and the gain on the chart. /!\ It is strongly recommended to make regular backups by email. This will avoid you to losing your datas in case of mishandling or crash of your device! The app show automatically your BMI and your Body Fat %. On the chart, you can display : - BMI zone - Body Fat % zone - Weight goal - Moving average - Trend curve On the chart you can also : - see weight - see note - see rate (food & sport) - see the difference between two points - Zoom (X and Y) - Scroll - Take a screenshot - Return to initial view by double tap - ... The home page show you : - Chart - Last weight - BMI - Fat Body % - Weight goal - Trend - Time-to-goal estimate - Weight to loose or gain to achieve the goal A widget is available in this version. This will provide you on the essential informations (Last weight, BMI, Fat Body %, weight goal, trend, time-to-goal estimate, and weight to loose or gain to achieve the goal). The weight log, will show you : - the loss or the gain between two month or two weight - the whole informations on the weight : BMI, Body Fat %, note and rate (sport and diet) You can export and import your datas (by email or on your sd card) in order to share them on your different devices. You can also make a backup on your sd card. "My weight tracker" is also suitable for pregnant women, but the BMI and Body Fat % are not adequate. v3.0 : - More datas available like the size of your waist, hip etc. - New widgets with the choosen datas - Change the BMI and body fat % - See all your datas on only one screen and with several graph - View your datas on a calendar - Import / export with a csv file v2.x : - Adding icone for the sport and food histogram - The scale of the curve and the scale bar are editable (Display optimized for smartphone or tablet in high definition) - Visualization of the objective advancement - Add of histogramm for the rate (food & sport) - Auto-zoom on the whole chart (Chart preferences) v2.0 : - Add weight with comment and rating (sport and food) - Colored curve based on ratings - Screenshot - Add password - Help (under construction) - Settings on the page "Add" and "History" You like our app ? You want to participate to its improvement ? So contact us and be among the first to get the new release by becoming a beta-tester !

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    Love the ease of use and super detailed track of progress
    How much weight you need to lose to reach your goal
    Great app to stay motivated on your weight loss journey”
    Great history feature
    4 stars for maintaining weight
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