My Piano Lessons LITE


My Piano Lessons LITE

10 FREE courses in the LITE version. FULL version for $5 instead of $19.90 (Birthday Sale - 2016) ! With 70 steps to learn the piano English version only ! Same price, same content: Smartphone or PC version ( A simple piano course created just for beginners: can it be true? Absolutely! As of September 1st, 2014, more than 3,000 students were already benefiting from my method in the comfort of their own homes! As you continue reading, you will see that these students are progressively learning to play the piano through lessons tailor-made for beginners, with the help of a great deal of exercises and videos and very little music theory. My piano course allows young children and even adults to fulfill their dream of playing the piano! Many of us mistakenly believe that it’s hard to learn to play the piano, but the real problem is finding piano lessons that fit the students. This beginner’s guide to playing the piano will teach you step by step how to become the master of your keyboard. Today, it’s possible to take online piano courses in Paris, London, and New York… but why not learn the basics of piano playing at home, and at your own pace? Thanks to my rapid progress method, you will learn the fundamentals necessary to play your favorite songs and pieces in no time. What’s more, you only need to make a single payment of $5 instead of $19.90 (Birthday Sale - 2016) ! Course description: Finding the notes on the keyboard and the staff Middle C hand position Octaves Moving your thumb under your fingers Notes on the musical staff/staves Notes above and outside of the staves Small intervals Playing notes an octave apart Note octaves game Note values: quarter note and eight note (+ exercises) Note values: half note and whole note (+ exercises) Mixing notes with different values Accidentals: sharps Accidentals: flats Exercise in F# Piece with two sharps Exercise with one flat Piece with three flats Rests: situating them on the staff Repeating measures Crescendo/decrescendo exercise 6/8 time signature 3/4 time signature (waltz) Left hand: whole notes, small intervals Left hand: whole notes with large intervals Left hand: swinging pendulum movement in 4/4 time Left hand: two notes at once (thirds) Left hand: two notes at once (fifth) Left hand: two notes at once (various intervals) Left hand: three notes at once (triads—major chords) Left hand: three notes at once (minor chords) Left hand: miscellaneous chord combinations Left hand: chord inversions Left hand: struck chords and inversions Left hand: chords with bass note on the downbeat Left hand: arpeggiated chords Left hand: incomplete arpeggiated chords Left hand: 3-note chords (tonic-fifth-octave) Left hand: “Easy Listening” chords Playing with both hands: right-hand melody + arpeggiated left hand Variations of major and minor chords Parallel motion Contrary motion Focus on hand coordination Identical rhythm for both hands Exercises in order of difficulty for both right and left hand Increasingly difficult exercises: two-note harmony for right hand and arpeggiated left hand Increasingly difficult exercises: two-note harmony for right hand with changing intervals, arpeggiated left hand Accompaniment basics, left hand fifths Pieces in order of difficulty: playing four notes at once

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