We realize that managing your fleet is a demanding job that requires a lot of focus and attention, so we created the MultiFleet App to work as a faithful assistant. The MultiFleet App is user-friendly, elegantly designed and 100% compatible to any fleet, any user and any manager. This App offers the following facilities: • Follow your driver’s routes, view visited locations and the exact place and time that your vehicles were fuel supplied. For example, the application will show you the route a particular driver has taken, along with all the rest stops he has made and how much time he spent at a rest stop. • You will notice the way your drivers use their vehicles and make a comparison between them and their driving skills. For example, if one of the drivers accelerated harshly, you will be able to see the location where the event has taken place and the severity for that particular action. • The App shows you the mileage evolution per day for each driver, along with current and past trips. • It keeps you on your toes with its alerts feature. It shows you the actions that are due to expire such as insurance and leasing payments, service appointments and any other alert you choose to be notified; you are the one in charge with setting them up. In addition, it helps you stay close to your fleet when important events happen. Enjoy managing your fleet while you are on the move, with all these features provided for you by MultiFleet App.

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