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MTG Judge Core App

Judge Core App, the app created with the intention of being the core app for expansion if need be. Supposedly picking up where MTG Judge left off, it has spawned itself into a new project. - Runs perfectly fine offline - great for when you're judging overseas - Searchable offline oracle card database - Complete Infraction Procedure Guide - Complete Comprehensive Rules - Complete Magic Tournament Rules - Decklist counter - Quick Reference for items like Penalties and Layers - Update checking initiated manually by the user to ensure you have the latest database rulings and to avoid any needless connection charges For the permissions required that it displays when you first install the app, here's an explanation of what they are needed for: - Permission to access the Internet: For downloading of updated database and other little bells and whistles, eg. downloading the corresponding card image from Gatherer, etc. - Permission to access your external storage: For storage of images downloaded, and as a temporary storage location when downloading the updated database. This is to prevent any corruption of the existing database in the event of a failed download. - permission.C2D_MESSAGE and permission.RECEIVE: For GCM message receiving This app is not endorsed nor produced by Wizards of the Coast Inc., Hasbro nor its subsidiaries. This app is a personal project of Andrew Teo. Do report any bugs by emailing with "MTG Judge Core" as the email's subject. Important Update: With regards to other languages, I have no intention of doing so, due to the fact that it would: a) Make the database grow X times in size, where X is the number of languages b) Also cause the translation to not be from the official documents, which would/might cause confusion, and that is what I wish to avoid at all times

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