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MTG Familiar is a powerful utility app for Magic: The Gathering. The application includes a two-player life counter which tracks life, poison, and a history of changes. The included die roller includes choices for D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100. The mana pool and spell counter can keep track of your mana effortlessly, and is especially useful for all you Storm combo players out there. The offline card search allows you to search for any card in the game without an internet connection. You can search by: -Name -Type / Subtype -Ability Text -Color -Power / Toughness -Converted Mana Cost -Set / Format -Rarity -Flavor Text -Artist You can even check a card's legality for Block, Standard, Extended, Modern, Legacy, and Vintage. If you do have an internet connection, the app can deliver real time prices, courtesy of, download full card images, and link you to the card's official Gatherer page. You can compare trades with current prices in the Trade Cards screen and keep a wishlist of cards you want to trade for. Also included is a round timer, which will run in the background no matter what you do with your Android device. The app has searchable, linked comprehensive rules built in, so you can settle rules disputes with ease. They are also self-updating! This app is a free, open source project released under the GPL and Creative Commons licenses. You can get the source code, or join the team here: This app is ad-free, and always will be! A must-have for any Magic the Gathering player!

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    Hands down the best mtg app on the market”
    I've used this extensively for deck building and pricing”
    Smooth with everything you could want and a good search engine
    This is literally the single greatest app for magic players
    Of any of the life counter apps I've found so far”
    Great for beginners
    Having a quick reference to any card”
    If the wishlist could show the card text like search results
    Life counter/ dice roller for casual play”
    And just mold it into the best card game app ever”
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