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motoLog - Car Management

All of Your car expenses in one place. motoLog will help You track mileage, fuel economy, fuel consumption, service / maintanance costs of Your vehicle (car, motorbike or any other gasoline/diesel/lpg/cng powered vehicle). Data You will log will allow for calculations of not only average fuel consumption and fuel economy, but also fuel consumption and fuel economy in the city and on the highway separately. Reminders with notifications will help You service Your car on time. Fuel economy format as well as fuel consumption format is fully customizable (l/km, l/100km, km/l, km/100l, mil/gal(us or uk), gal/mil and many other combinations). motoLog will also calculate cash consumption (cost per distance) or cash economy (distance per cost) based on the fuel prices. CSV import feature lets You import data from Your computer. Voice-to-fillup feature speeds up entering data, because all You have to do is say 'mileage 345 fuel 34.23 price 3.43' in one sentence and fill up is ready for saving - check out how easy it is! You can use motoLog offline or You can sign up for an free account to backup all of Your data in the cloud and use them on many devices at the same time. No ads. motoLog is free If You like, You can support motoLog by acquiring motoLog Pro Pack - in return You will be able to synchronize bills (service costs) and reminders. Other than that all the features are available right after installation without any limits. Features: -online sync/backup (vehicles, fill ups) -fuel fill ups -vehicle repairs -reminders with notifications -voice-to-fillup -fuel consumption and fuel economy (city, highway) -bought spare parts -other costs -offline mode motoLog Pro Pack features: -online sync/backup (bills, reminders) motoLog is in constant development so You can expect new features every few weeks. Please let me know of any feature requests You might have. Since version 1.5 first permissions had to be added. Here is list of them with short explanation: INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - access to Internet (You can use motoLog offline) RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - let's motoLog to run in background for a split second at boot time to check if there are any reminders that should be refreshed (reboot clears them) GET_ACCOUNTS, AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS, MANAGE_ACCOUNTS, USE_CREDENTIALS - they allow motoLog to conform with the best practice of storing the credentials for your motoLog account in Android's central Account Manager. Even with this permission, Android enforces motoLog can only read the motoLog account credentials, and that other apps can not read your motoLog credentials. READ_SYNC_SETTINGS, WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS, READ_SYNC_STATS - same here, these apply to motoLog sync settings only - using Android's central Sync Manager = better battery and connection utilization. BILLING - for those who decide to support motoLog If You have any questions about those permissions I will answer them via email. Space here is limited. Fuel types: -Gasoline -Diesel -LPG -CNG Volume units: -Liter -Gallon UK -Gallon US Currencies: -all (ISO 4217) Other: -Unlimited vehicles -Your own costs categories -Quick calc -Notes -Friendly interface with help screens -Short mileage mode (enter only 3 last digits) -Missed a fill up? Just mark next fill up as fill up after skipped one. -Tow trips -Pure gasoline trips (in case You ran out of LPG/CNG) -Ads. free -More features to come Tags: car motorbike fuel consumption economy gasoline petrol diesel lpg cng mileage repairs log fuellog parts fuel costs spending fuel tracker journal diary management calculator maintenance moto log voice fillup fillups Any feedback is welcome. Please contact me if You would like to help with translation of this description and/or app itself. You can reach me at

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