Morse Machine for Ham Radio


Morse Machine for Ham Radio

This program teaches you to receive Morse code (CW). It starts with two letters and adds more when it sees that you are ready. This is the easiest way to learn code because the computer thinks about the practice you need next instead of wasting your time with stuff you already know or confusing you with stuff that you don’t. You'll find yourself learning CW with fun as if it is a game. The original idea comes from Ward Cunningham K9OX ( and first described in an article in the May 1977 issue of QST magazine. The app by default uses the LCWO letter sequence (derived from Koch one) and starts with the first two letters: K and M. For Each letter you have a column showing how high is your error score. It starts from 100 and lowers as you start guessing letters right and increases when you are wrong or you take too much time to recognize it. But you'll have 5 different letter layout to choose from. SETTINGS WPM (Words Per Minute): let you set the speed of the CW playing. The suggested speed is 20. The minimum is 15. You should choose a speed that does help you focus on the sound of each letter and not on the dits and dahs. CW TONE: choose a tone frequency that suits your ears. Default is 700Hz LESSON: sets the lesson level. By default you start with lesson 1 (2 letters) and as you get confident with them new ones are addedd. MINIMUM ERROR LEVEL: sets the minimum average error level before adding a new letter. TIMEOUT: sets the number of seconds to wait before the app gives you a hint of the letter. TIME LIMITED SESSION: by default the session stops when you decide to stop. But you can set it to automatically stop after 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes. RESET SETTINGS: resets the error level of each letter back to 100%. LETTERS SEQUENCE: let's you select the letter sequence from a choice of 5 different ones: LCWO (the default one): K M U R E S N A P T L W I . J Z = F O Y , V G 5 / Q 9 2 H 3 8 B ? 4 7 C 1 D 6 0 X KOCH (the most famous and used one): K M R S U A P T L O W I . N J E = F 0 Y , V G 5 / Q 9 Z H 3 8 B ? 4 2 7 C 1 D 6 X ORIGINAL MM (the original sequence from the 1977 article): Q 7 Z G 0 9 8 O 1 J P W . L R A M 6 B / X D = Y C K N 2 3 ? F U 4 5 V H S I T E ETANIM (one of the classical sequences): E T A N I M D S O U R C K P B G W L Q H F Y Z V X J 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 . / = ? OSCAR I7OHP (a great CW trainer here in Italy): A U V E I S 1 2 H T M O 3 N D B 4 G Z 5 R L F 6 Q W 7 J K 8 C Y 9 X P 0 . / = ? Choose the one that suits better your training needs or switch from one to the other. At the end of each session, the app will give you a score. It'll also record your best score so that you can compete with yourself and see how much your performances are improving. Learn CW the fun way! For any suggestion or request of support email to or go to 72/73, Andrea IU4APC

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