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Moonlighting — Freelance Jobs

Hire or be hired instantly on the fastest growing freelance marketplace! Discover more than half a million qualified professionals offering a variety of services in your area and across the United States. Leverage a suite of premium software tools that will provide you with a competitive advantage in the freelance economy. FOR PEOPLE LOOKING TO GET STUFF DONE: Instantly connect with flex, part-time, and freelance professionals across the US working remotely or search locally on our interactive hiring map. Easily share the jobs you need completed and communicate directly with skilled laborers looking for work: • Hire the On-Demand Pros You Need: Search for freelancers, discover local talent on our interactive hiring map or post a job and let freelancers reach out to you directly. • Know Who You’re Hiring: Survey social verifications, user ratings and, reviews, and instantly start a conversation via chat, text, or email. • Safe & Integrated Payments: Our powerful mobile payments platform allows you to instantly send payments safely and securely. FOR FREELANCERS: Our all-in-one platform is everything you need to power the business of you. Whether you’re just getting started or own an established business, our powerful platform helps you grow. • Be Seen by Customers: Our mobile on-demand marketplace puts you in front of potential clients searching for freelance opportunities. • Look Like an Expert: Moonlighting provides you with the tools you need to tell your business story, establish your brand, and stand out from the crowd. • Keep More of What You Earn: Our proposal and invoice solutions with direct deposit save you time and help get you paid faster. And with 0% payment processing fees for online payments, you'll always keep every penny you earn. MOONLIGHTING IN THE PRESS: “The Swiss-Army Knife for freelancers and small businesses” - Forbes “Moonlighting is on its way to causing the next workplace revolution” - HuffPost “The Uber of everything” -Washington Business Journal HELP & FAQS: Find answers to Moonlighting Frequently Asked Questions at SUPPORT: We are always adding new features & improvements to give you a better Moonlighting experience. If you have any feedback on the current version or suggestions for future updates, please email us at GET SOCIAL: Follow us on social media and subscribe to our blog! Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Blog -

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