Million Deal: Win A Million Dollars


Million Deal: Win A Million Dollars

Million Deal is brain puzzle game that you play with money. You have a chance to win up to 1 million dollars. Amazing!!! GAMEPLAY: 1 - Game had 16 cases contain money with random value from $1 -> $1,000,000 2 - You pick the case for your self 3 - There 4 round of picking case: --- a: Round 1: Pick 5 cases --- b: Round 2: Pick 4 cases --- c: Round 3: Pick 3 cases --- d: Round 4: Pick 2 cases 4 - Between each round, the Bank will offer you a value of money. You must answer Deal or Not. 5 - If Deal: You take bank money. 6 - If No Deal: You continue playing the game. 7 - At the end of the game. If you no deal any offer. Your case is opened to show your final money in your case. You can win up to $1,000,000. Believe in your case. LOL Note: This is a game only. Money in the game doesn't have any value in real life. LOL Enjoy the game.

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