Mg video player


Mg video player

Mg Video Player is an application that you can watch a program that is broadcast live on the Media-Gather service. *Main Features and Specifications · You can receive the live broadcast of Media-Gather · You can use the authentication function Function and auto size (16:9 / 4:3 aspect ratio) Full-screen display function Display and playback function, vertical and transverse mode Function and seek (video playback) · Sound adjustment function *How to use ID issued by Media-Gather service in advance, by entering the password, you will be able to watch live programming in real time that have been registered. *support service or product delivery Media-Gather Http:// official site *How to specify the content you want to play One. The user name that is well known in advance, please enter your password. If you specify a server, please correct the server name. 2. When you click to save the settings, you can save your account information. 3. After logging in, by selecting the name of the title you want to play live, live broadcast, you can watch in real time. 4. By checking low-latency, you will be able to shorten the delay video and audio.

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