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Mellow Yellow Maps

Mellow Yellow Maps is a location-based application that provides detailed information about geographical regions all around the world. It employs Google or MapQuest maps and location services to find businesses, both locally and abroad. With its intuitive interface, it is easy to retrieve information on a particular business. Searches can be done either by category or on a name basis. It uses the device's built-in GPS to precisely pinpoint the device's location in the world. There are many familiar map types to choose from, such as road map, satellite, hybrid and terrain. Users can locate businesses from any point in the world by simply moving the map marker to a different location and searching within a set radius from that point. Features include: ? Retrieve a textual location such as a street address from geographic coordinates. ? Obtain up-to-date and accurate coordinates of the device's location using the built-in GPS. ? Retrieve detailed information about businesses locally and across the world. ? Manage and save important locations. ? Share business locations as well as your current location with friends and family. ? Search for places either categorically or by name. ? Request driving, biking, walking or public transit directions between two points. ? Obtain the fastest or shorted route. ? Request a route that avoids toll roads, highways, unpaved roads or border crossings. ? Obtain itinerary information such as route distance and duration, as well as approximate fuel consumption of your vehicle. ? View the itinerary on the map. ? Obtain voice-guided GPS navigation. ? Search for places using OpenStreetMap Nominatim Search. Nominatim provides search capabilities similar to those provided by Google. POI's obtained from Nominatim are displayed on MapQuest maps. ? Retrieve traffic incidents such as traffic congestion, construction sites and traffic accidents for a given map area. ? Detailed traffic information is provided in real-time such as the type and severity of the incident, as well as alternate travel routes and resultant travel times. ? Retrieve photos taken near a given location(also known as geotagged photos). These location-based images are obtained from either 500px or Picasa. ? Request directions or voice guidance from anywhere on the map using the map marker. ? Save any location on the map using the map marker. ? Free offline maps! Store OSM data for offline viewing of MapQuest maps. ? Use the built-in compass to help navigate the map. ? English, French and Italian languages are supported at this time. However, search results can be returned in any language! ? Search for places by speaking, instead of typing. ? Search quickly and effortlessly by selecting suggested searches as you type, based on previous searches.

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