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Mediatek SmartDevice

[English description] Mediatek SmartDevice V1.2.2 (For MT2502/MT2503) Attention: 1:The APK need work with Mediatek(MTK) wearable device (e.g. based MTK2502 chip wearable products). 2:The APK can connect with wearable product through SPP mode or GATT(BLE) mode.(depends on your wearable device HW capability) 3:The GATT mode can work normally need below two conditions and BLE is connected. 1)The Android platform is equal or higher Android 4.3(API 18). 2)The hardware of smart phone need support BLE. The APK can support below functions: 1. The APK can scan wearable devices in SPP or GATT mode. 2: The APK can install or uninstall Linkit app to watch through "My Applications" item. E.g. Yahoo Weather/Digit clock/Codoon app 3: The APK can listen and push Smart Phone notification to watch. The APK can parse the notification attributes : action/group/big text view/page. And watch and sync operation with phone. 4: The APK can edit contact(name and number) or other attributes for making SOS call in wearable device. 5: The APK can find the wearable device through "Find device". 6: The APK will notify alert when the distance between phone and wearable device is unmatched the set value. 7: The APK can push smart phone inbox message to wearable device through MAP feature. 8: The APK integrate with Google fit and can view fitness data in Google fit APK after login in Google account. E.g. step/calorie/distance/heart rate 9: The APK can show the battery captivity of wearable device. 10: The APK can send firmware data to wearable device to do upgrade action. 11: The APK can push incoming call to wearable device when Hands-Free Profile(HFP) is disable. 12: The APK can sync time/zone/time format(12/24 hour format) to wearable device. 13: The APK support auto connect. 14: The APK can modify the connected device's name through "Change Name" item. 15: The APK can show the information of the connected device through "Device info" item. Below functions need start operation on watch part: 1: Remote capture The watch can preview and capture a picture through open Smart Phone camera simultaneously. 2: BT music You can control the smart phone music media player to play/pause/pre/next/adjust volume. Fix bug: The APK can't connect some watch version. Strongly recommend you upgrade the APK to V1.2.1 Special Explanation? This APK is not suitable for NO.1 G2 watch, please do not use it to connect the G2 watch. Please contact with the manufacturer or watch saler to get help. [??????] Mediatek SmartDevice V1.2.2 (??? MT2502/MT2503) ??: 1:??????Mediatek(MTK)?????????(?????MTK2502??????)? 2:????????????????SPP???GATT??(??????????????????)? 3:GATT????????????2??????BLE??????? 1)???????Android4.3??? 2)????????BLE ?????????? 1?????SPP???GATT?????????? 2???“????”??????????Linkit???????????? ??Yahoo Weather/Digit clock/Codoon ?? 3????????????????????? ???????????/??/?????/????????????????????????"??"????????? 4????????????????????????? 5?????"????"?????????? 6: ????????????????????????????? 7???MAP??????????????????????? 8????Google fit????Google???????????????????/???/??/??? 9???????????????? 10????????????????? 11??????(Hands-Free Profile)????????????????????? 12??????/??/????(12/24??)????????? 13???????? 14?????“?????”???????????? 15???“????????”???????????? ???????????????? 1????? ???????????????????????????? 2????? ???????????????????????????/??/???/???/?????? ??bug? ??????????????watch????????????????V1.2.1??? ????? ??APK????NO.1 G2 ????????APK???G2???????????????????????

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    Activates phone and sees phone book when cancel is used”

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