Mechanical Gears LiveWallpaper


Mechanical Gears LiveWallpaper

Mechanical Gears HD Live Wallpaper – HD Live wallpaper in Steam-punk style, will give your smartphone the looks of a mechanical device. Smooth gear movement creates a charming illusion of a working mechanism. Features & Customizations: ? 11 animated objects ? HD resolution ? Smooth animations ? Supports multiple screens ? Does Not Require Internet Connection ? Minimum battery usage ? DOES NOT slow down your phone ? Works for both Lock and Home screen. ? Smartphone ready! IMPORTANT! HOW TO USE SETTING: To use this wallpaper, press the menu-button when you are on your home screen, or in an empty space on the Home screen press and hold the finger. Menu window will pop up. Choose “Wallpaper” >> “Live wallpapers” and select the “Mechanical Gears HD” from the list. You can set it as your new wallpaper now. Please notify us if your device is not supported for this application. G.O.S.Studio: If you like this wallpaper, please leave us 5 star feedback and keep us motivated!

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