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Max Total Security

Max Total Security for Android devices protects your smartphones and tablets from viruses. It has an AntiVirus, Safe browsing, Anti-Theft, Network statistics, Call/SMS Block, System Optimiser, Contact Back up and Battery Saver. The AntiVirus protects your devices from all kinds of spyware, Trojans, spam ware, bloat ware. Max Secure Software has years of experience in the Anti-Virus domain. Its anti-malware Research Lab is continuously providing new malware detections and updating your devices daily. Safe browser blocks all malicious websites. An integrated mobile device management and security solution with proven Anti-Virus protection for Android mobile phones and Tablet devices.It has the following features: 1. Anti-Virus with several scan options: a. Quick scan: Scans only installed applications on the Device. b. Full scan: Scans entire device including Memory card. c. Scan Memory card: Scans only memory card. 2. Anti-Theft a. If your Android device is stolen, this feature can help you track it. b. In case f theft, you can remotely Lock the device, Wipe data remotely, Sound an alarm and get current device Location. All these features can also be activated in case of theft from our anti-theft portal as well as using another mobile phone by SMS feature. 3. Block Call/SMS Allows you to Blocks Calls and SMS from numbers in the Contact list or unknown phone numbers. Note:- Block Call / SMS feature works only for incoming Calls / SMS. It doesn’t block outgoing Calls / SMS. Alos, it does not work on 4.4x and higher Android versions. 4. Network stats monitors network traffic usage It summarizes your total network traffic used including wifi and Mobile data. It shows how much is used, how much is remaining and gives you alert based on settings. 5. Backup Contacts You can back up all or some of the contacts on Max Secure Cloud Server or SD Card on your device. 6. System optimizer allows you to manage/ terminate apps taking high memory.. 7. Battery Saver Offers several modes and a default mode with the omnst optimized battery settings. 8. Privacy Manager Show apps installed on your device , how critical they are in the terms of privacy, what permissions are they taking on your device, you can choose to uninstall them from this module if you want. 9. Gaming Mode Use this when you need maximum memory available for a certian app such as games etc.

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