Fraction Calculator by Mathlab


Fraction Calculator by Mathlab

Fraction calculator with step-by-step operations and algebra. Shows results as you type. Use space to enter mixed fractions. Graphical display of expressions with history. Help site with instructions and examples: If you have a question, send email to FRACTION CALCULATOR * Step-by-step operations (option to turn off) * Arithmetic operations (+,-,*,/,÷), hold / to enter ÷ * Powers of fractions * Fractions simplification * Fractions with complex numbers * Decimal to fraction conversion and back * Symbolical fractions and operations * Integer roots simplification * Pinch to zoom ALGEBRA * Linear equations x+1=2 -> x=1 * Quadratic equations x^2-1=0 -> x=-1,1 * Approximate roots of higher polynomials * Systems of linear equations, write one equation per line, x1+x2=1, x1-x2=2 * Polynomial long division * Polynomial expansion, factoring * Solving inequalities with one variable, double tap ( and ) to enter less and greater signs * Linear and polynomial inequalities, x^3-4>4 * Inequalities with absolute values, abs(2x+3)<=5 * Compound inequalities, 1* Rational inequalities, (x+3)/(x-1)<=0

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