Mahjong 3 Players - Casino Tycoon Edition


Mahjong 3 Players - Casino Tycoon Edition

*** Voted Top Singapore Hit Game by Singapore Digital Life **** *** The #1 Mahjong Game in South East Asia! with Millions of players! **** ======================================================= The Best Game for Mahjong beginners! Mahjong 3P is a Three Player Mahjong that is characterised by its simplicity, fast pace and high stakes. On average it takes less than 3 minutes to complete one game! This Three Players Mahjong is an adaptation of the Three Players Mahjong that is commonly played in South East Asia. New game play modes are introduced to bring new excitement to the game. Conventional Rules of Winning and Counting Points still apply except for the following changes: 1. There are only Stones("Tong"), Honor/Dragon Cards, Winds, Flowers and Joker("?") cards. 2. Joker("?") can combine with any cards to PONG, or it can be discarded as a Flower to add 1 FAN to your point. But you cannot have 2 PONGs of the same type with the Joker. 3. Unlike conventional rule, There are no restrictions in M3P, so even after you discarded, you can still PONG/CHOW the same card within the same round. 4. You can game more than 10 FANs in M3P and the winnings multiply when your win exceed 9 fans, which makes the stakes even higher. 10 - 19 FANs = Winning x 3 20 - 29 FANs = Winning x 6 30 - 39 FANs = Winning x 9 40 and above FANs = Winning x 12 5. KONG, besides being able to receive payout from other users, the Winning of the game (regardless who is the winner) will be multiplied according to the number of KONGs 1 KONG = Winning x 2 2 KONG = Winning x 4 3 KONG = Winning x 8 4 KONG = Winning x 16 5 KONG = Winning x 32, so on and so forth. 6. Chip Multiplier, at higher lobby, you will have a chance to increase the stake by using gems to activate Chip Multiplier. Chip Multiplier comes in x2, x3, x4 and x5, and it multiplies the Winning of the one who activated the Chip Multiplier. It will not multiply when you lose unless the Winner also activated the Chip Multiplier. For more info and help go to: To test your network connectivity: Ideally you should have <100ms for connection to game server

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    So hard to find 3 player mahjong game
    A very good game to pass the time”
    Every day i also want play this game
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    Worst online game ever”
    Just fix the network play

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