Once -A special period tracker


Once -A special period tracker

To all the women who need a calendar to write down upcoming period To all the women who need a journal to manage irregular period cycle and cramp To all the women who want to know ovulation, fertile, birth control, and possibility of pregnancy all in one calendar To all the women who were bothered to mark off their period and pill-taking on the calendar To all the women who secretly recorded symptoms on their planner Must-have! Period tracker, Once! [Kept both simplicity and functionality of period tracker!] ** Estimated period calendar which gets more accurate as you use it! Once automatically calculates your irregular period cycle and cramp smartly! In the period calendar, you can view your estimated period, fertile which has high percentage of pregnancy, and ovulation, all in one-step! In the calendar history list, you can view all your past period cycle in one-step. ** Take care of your fertile and ovulation meticulously! You can take care of yourself even better with the calendar which shows fertile, ovulation, and estimated period in a glimpse of eye! ** Percentage of pregnancy calculated scientifically! Based on egg’s duration of life, 24hrs, and sperms’ duration of life, 3~5 days, we indicate percentage of pregnancy “high” for one day before and after the ovulation, and “moderate” for fertile. ** The day you must be prepared! Prepare it in advance! To make you not embarrassed on the day! We notify the important dates (estimated period, ovulation/fertile and whenever you want) you in advance with witty message and alarm. ** Keep your precious daily data conveniently! Keep your data easier than a journal. All your recorded period, intimidate days, memo, and automatically calculated ovulation and fertile… and all other data… You only need to sign-up to keep them all! ** Not just your period, but your secret intimidate days! You can record your status and symptoms such as the first day of period and period cramps, whenever you want. Once, which you can record all your secrets such as intimidate days! Don’t worry about others having a look at your diary, with our lock function. ** Simple and stylish design capturing women’s mind! “The better it looks, the more convenient to use.” We have enhanced usability of calendar, by simple and stylish design. In the period calendar, you can view your estimated period, and ovulation, all in one-step. Just like a pretty planner you want to show off, the calendar design won’t be embarrass you even when you install it! [We have added special features only available in Once!] ** Charming and interesting “Today’s Tip”, which changes depending on your cycle! Beauty tips which makes you attractive and charming depending on period cycle, ovulation, and fertile. Useful real-life know-hows, useful diet tips, tips to prevent pregnancy, tips for healthy relationships… we enhance your charm by providing various tips! ** Once events made exclusively for women! Staring from Once beauty pouch fully packed with sense, and Once doctor which provides exact information on diet and health… We hold various events on beauty, diet, and health, which suits women’s appetite! --------------------------------------------------- Please be with Once, we are doing our best to bring you the best service :D Developer: Malang Studio (http://malangstudio.com/) * You can get faster response for questions regarding Once if you write to once@malangstudio.com!

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    I LOVE this app or accurately keeps track of my period
    Once has helped me tremendously to keep track of my cycles”
    This is great and like and enjoy the daily tips
    It's easy to use and helps me keep track of everything important to me”
    It is very user friendly and helps in keeping you organized”
    Best Cycle Tracker out there”
    Once automatically calculates your irregular period cycle and cramp smartly”
    Best girly app ever”
    The super cute helpful tips are fabulous too”
    Love the password protection too”
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