Mad Martians (space adventure)


Mad Martians (space adventure)

Your Captain has upset the Martian Emperor and now you are fleeing Mars with some very Mad Martians closing in. You need to defend your ship long enough to get to safety. Use the joystick to aim your cross-hairs on the target and the right button to fire your weapon. Look out for Martian mines, keep a close eye on your shields, and try not to overheat your weapon. Mad Martians is a fast paced game, if you need to improve game speed, you can reduce the number of stars in the star-field and turn animations off. These options are available in settings selected from the menu screen. Likewise if the difficulty setting is too high then this can be changed in the settings. Network access is for ads only. Mad Martians is suitable for Android Honeycomb (3.2) and above and scales correctly on phones and tablets.

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