Search North American Mabinogi housing shops from your phone, tablet or other device without having to be logged on and near a housing search board. Compare prices, know if your item of interest is available before you head to a town. Features - All the normal housing search features Up to 500 Results per search Saves your last search for easy repeating later Refresh button to see updated results Click a result to search for similarly named items, or more results from the same seller. "Exact Item Name" search type to narrow down to very specific items, not anything containing your search phrase. "Exact Seller Name" search to narrow down specific sellers - Only see Bob123 not Bob1234 too! *Mabinogi is a registered trademark of Nexon Korea Corp and Nexon America Inc, Eosian Enteprises makes no claim to any registered trademark or copyrighted material in releasing MabiMarket.

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