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Lotto Pig - Lottery Picker

Features: Up to five lines rolled for Lotto or Euro millions. Swipe up for roll history. Swipe right on balls to order them. Quick Pig - tap the pig when rolling for instant numbers. The Story ... Everyone loves a pig. We all know them to be cute, funny, intelligent, and delicious. But did you know that they can also predict the future? The Mystical Pork Nomads of the Land of Oink would often divine a person's fortunes by harnessing the power of pig-poo clairvoyancy. This was a skill known only to them ...... Until now. On the day the Large Hamron Collider was turned on, a small trans-dimensional tear appeared in a pork joint being roasted by one Mrs B Mann of 29 Acacia Road, out of which was delivered the Pork Nomad's fantastical secret. After unknowingly eating the secret with a large dollop of apple sauce and some crackling, Mrs Mann was puzzled to discover that whenever she touched a pig she could make it produce a sequence of six or seven numbers, between one and 49. Mrs Mann went to her grave without ever realising the significance of what she thought was an amusing parlour trick. But we do .. For we can now reveal that the porcine-produced numbers are in fact winning lottery numbers, absolutely guaranteed* So know you know the secret of why all pigs are rich, and you can be too. So, what are you waiting for? In this free app, you can generate up to five lines of lottery numbers for Lotto or Euro millions. Select a different lotto pig from the Sty to generate numbers for that lottery. All other lottery picker apps or lottery generator apps do not compare to the mighty Lotto Pig! If you like Lotto Pig please consider upgrading to Lotto Pig Pro (coming very soon!) which features all main UK lotteries. * Did we say absolutely? We meant absolutely not. Sorry for any confusion.

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