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Location Snapshot

Location Snapshot is a simple and lightweight app that saves your latitude/longitude location at the press of a button without having to run a full-blown mapping application. This is useful for sharing your current location or remembering a past location. To take a snapshot of your current location, click the "Take Snapshot" button. The app will suggest location names to you (powered by Google Maps API), or you can enter your own name for the location. Click "Quick Snap" to skip the naming suggestions. Click on a snapshot to rename it, delete it, share it, or view it on Google Maps. Click "Navigate" to start turn-by-turn directions in Google Maps. Click "Export Snapshots" to save your snapshots to a CSV file on your device's file system. Exported CSV files can later be re-imported on the same or separate device. Snapshots are also backed up when using Android's backup and restore functionality (e.g. if you factory reset your device, or switch to a new device). Possible uses for the app? * Remembering where you've parked * Use it when hiking to remember spots on the trail * Use it to remember where you've taken a photograph * Send your location to your friends/family so they can meet up with you exactly where you are Feel free to tell me how you're using the app! I'd love to know. NOTE: If you are upgrading from the Lite version, you can transfer your existing snapshots. Keep both versions of the app on your device, and in the Lite version, click Share > Transfer Snapshots. This will automatically open the paid version of the app and transfer all of your snapshots over. Explanation of Required Permissions: Access Fine Location: Required to determine your GPS coordinates. Access Internet: Required to reverse geocode your location using Google Maps API. Write External Storage: Required for importing/exporting snapshots from CSV. Please feel free to e-mail me directly with any questions, comments, bugs, etc.

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