Home Loan Calculator


Home Loan Calculator

A simple Mortgage (Home loan) calculator to calculate: - if loan refinance is good for you - loan installment amount. - how much loan you can afford from banks. - how expensive house you can afford. Features Mortgage loan refinance and comparison. Different Calculation ratio used for Australia and other countries, as the income-loan ratio highly differs between them. To use "How much can you Afford" option, Simply enter your gross income and expenses and find how much loan you can have from banks. Mortgage Refinance option will calculate whether refinancing will get you profit or loss, based on the total interest calculation and how much you have paid so far. Credit Score Calculation has been removed from the system, because it turns out Its almost impossible to calculate credit score without in-detail information of the client. (please help me get 5 star by ranking it after downloading/using it.)

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