LFconnect – Workout Tracking


LFconnect – Workout Tracking

Life Fitness connects the world to fitness through the easy-to-use LFconnect exerciser app. The largest manufacturer of fitness equipment now allows you to take control of your workouts anywhere on any equipment with the LFconnect app. If you log into our consoles, you’ll find even more added features when interacting with the equipment. UPDATES: -Create Workout - Create and save your own strength and cardio workouts. Saved cardio workouts can be re-selected on any Discover console worldwide. -Track Your Workout – View the progress of your workouts with detailed data reports by year, month, day or in real time. You can also export your results to Excel or other media for tracking. You can also export specific workouts to your calendar. -Schedule Workout - Schedule your workouts in app and scan to find your saved workouts under the Workouts tab. Keep track of your progress and tier your results by making use of scheduled workouts. -Replicate Your Workout - Recreate the terrain of an outdoor workout using GPS. Save it as a GPS workout. Walk, run or bike your saved GPS workout to have our equipment increase/decrease incline or resistance automatically to match the terrain. -Strength Tracking – Scan the QR code of any Life Fitness equipment or use our easy input manual strength tracking. Select and track your sets, reps and weight. Take detailed notes and attach them to your workouts for even better tracking. Questions about our updates or features? Email: customer.service@lifefitness.com

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What you should know about LFconnect – Workout Tracking app

  • Highligths
    Great way to keep track of workouts and calories burned”
    Great way to track workouts
    Great for use in gyms with Life Fitness equipment”
    For tracking Calories
    Helps keep me motivated by keeping track of my progress
    Great for keeping tabs on your work outs
    Keeps track of everything
    Would be good to integrate with 3rd party heart rate monitors”
    Helps me set goals not just show up”
  • Keep in mind
    Would be great if the barcode scanner worked”
    Keeps giving me an error when I scan thw QR code
    Poor customer service for a poor app”
    Good potential but not reliable data tracking
    Outdoor GPS feature often crashes the app”
    Can't take a picture of the lfcode”
    Doesn't log my fit bit or my fitness Pal
    It makes it impossible to accurately keep track of my progress
    Wouldn't/couldn't read codes on life fitness equipment despite repeated tries”

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