Let's get WASTED! Pro


Let's get WASTED! Pro

Let's get WASTED! Pro Version It's a drinking game for hard-drinking party people with calculated blood alcohol content and time to sober up of each player. Features: - AdFree! No ads are shown - Set your drinking-behaviour (more behaviours than in free version) - See the current and maximum blood alcohol content (BAC in ‰) - Calculate the required time to sober up - Take a picture or select an avatar for each player - You are notified, when a player sobers up - Share players or whole games with your friends Gameplay: Just enter the players and alcohols you want to play with and start a new game. Each round, a player is chosen and has to trink or do something. During the game, you can see detailed information about the blood alcohol content and the drink-history of each player. The required time to sober up is also calculated. When getting WASTED is done, you can save the drinking game and share it with your friends. Permissions: Network communication - to share players or the whole drinking game via Facebook, to load ads Hardware contols - to give haptic feedback during the game

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